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Hi it's Albie.



Referral Frenzy, owned by Marty Patrizza, is one of the most effective sites
to mass promote! Right now you can advertise to 99
sites in three clicks! These are a few of the sites:

Just so you know upfront, Elizabeta and I are not owners nor have any say
or rights in Referral Frenzy. So what we are sharing with you is information that we
have discovered after being with Referral Frenzy for a long time.
We hope we do justice by Marty Patrizza as we consider
her our friend and hope that you can profit from our knowledge!

Ok so setting up Referral Frenzy is easy once you
get a few things sorted out. If you follow our directions here,
it will save you a lot of time and aggravation. However, once you have got a
few sites connected we want you to be aware of
my strategy to connect all 99 sites below the training.

 And keep the link to this training so you don't lose it! :)

Okay, let's get started! 
So after you login, then go to "Bonus Advertising."


Begin by joining the first mailer on the list or any of your favorites.
AE Mailer is fifth on the list which is the mailer for Elizabeta and I!
...see below:

You can also join AE Mailer here to save time.

Click on the name of the Mailer you wish to join.
Then once you join and confirm your email from that mailer in your Gmail account
then click the "edit" button. You will notice that once you edit and add your info to
the three boxes inside, your referral link will show up on the side of the edit button.
See pic below and also next pic below that if you need to understand better:

Important NOTE 1: Check spam if the confirmation email is NOT there.
Also if this doesn't work, whitelist that mailer's name into your
gmail account. If you don't know how to "whitelist" then simply google
"how to whitelist an account".

 NOTE 2: By the way, also don't use a Gmail
account that is one of your main personal emails. Set up two Gmail accounts
just for ads or you will destroy your personal email with tons of ads. 

NOTE 3: If you're not ready to join a LOT of mailers,
because you've never even set up an ad in one before,
then click here and come back when you're ready. 

Otherwise, continue by clicking the "edit" button in blue.

Ok, now you should have come to this screen
if you pressed "edit" as last instructed. Enter your info as it says.
Realize that sometimes the referral ID might be your username
OR a 5-digit number found at the end of your affiliate referrer link.
By the way, you can usually find this link by clicking
in the menu under "affiliate". 

When you're done editing and adding all your mailer info, then
Click "claim now" to get your 1000 or more credits.

NOTE: Information is on the page on how to have your credits automatically
applied each month after manually clicking the button
to get them the first time. 

Now go to the top menu and press "My Ads"
to get your ad/s setup.

To begin, it's my suggestion to NOT set up any ads in HTML form.
You can of course do what you like, but I found myself
running into problems. 

Instead, use the text editor and type or paste
your message in here:

When you have your ad set up, save it and then go to
the menu and press "send ad v2.0"




Then press the "Select All" button for text edit ads
(you will see a cross on the left) and then scroll down
and press the "select all" for HTML Mailers. See pic below:

Again, scroll down and click "Select All" for HTML Mailers.

Then scroll all the way down and press "Send Mail".


Then scroll down once more to the bottom and
Press "Please Select An Ad".

Click on one of the ads you wish to select:

When you select the right one, then click "Post Ad".



The link will first appears that you sent with the ad,
and then as it loads you will see all the mailers it sent the ad to. 
You can see in this instance that I sent my ad to 26 mailers.
You can send it to many more than this. This is just an example. 

Congratulations on posting your first ad to multiple sites!

Now keep joining new mailers in the list. Then click the email ads
if you need to so you can earn credits and post to as many as you can.
Here are a couple of pointers: 

1. If you join as a free member with these mailers, then many have
restrictions on how often you can mail out. For some you have to wait 3 days between posts.
Some you have to click 10 ads in order to post. 
Just remember that you get a lot
of "free" or "earned" credits just from becoming a
monthly paid member of Referral Frenzy and you can have these credits
applied to your account automatically by Referral Frenzy each month. 

2. Upgrading to some of these sites will give you much more leverage
to post ads daily or every other day, sending your ads to more people
and more credits you don't have to click on in order to send ads.
You might want to do what I did. Save up each month and join a
new one and upgrade (if you like the mailer).

I usually watch out for special "OTOs" (One time offer)
from mailers - especially "lifetime OTO" which means "Lifetime One Time Offers".
This means you can get an upgraded membership from this mailer for life and
NEVER have to pay again.

Over a couple of years, I upgraded to a bunch of sites that I especially liked and
now I can send out to a bunch of sites without clicking at all if I want to.
The truth be told, however: If you join more sites and click on the ones you can't afford
to upgrade to yet, then you are able to stretch your advertising much further and gain
much more advertising ground! ;)

So before I mail out through Referral Frenzy, I spend at least an hour,
clicking on at least ten emails in each mailer that I'm not upgraded in.
In addition, if you ARE UPGRADED it pays to click also as you get
more points for your clicks and can send your ads to even MORE people! 


This will really help you! 




~Albie Derbyshire
& Elizabeta Kuzevska



DISCLAIMER: Albie & Elizabeta are not owners nor have any rights or controls over Referral Frenzy.
What we have presented here is to the best of our knowledge and all information and guidance must be taken at your own risk.
Be it also known that this training will bring profit to those sharing this training if someone buys a monthly subscription to Referral Frenzy.

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